Things to check

Government of Canada re: travel advice and advisories

Your travel insurance re: cancellations and medical emergencies

Your airline company for the in-flight rules and last-minute updates

Your destination’s rules on face masks, personal protection and social distancing

Your destination’s quarantine rules for arrival, and current Canadian quarantine rules for when you return

The protocols for your hotel, including on-site doctor, food, shuttle, etc.

The protocols for your car rental company

Rules for public and national parks

Rules for museums and attractions

Rules for swimming/beaches

Things to bring

Any medications you may need
Hand sanitizer
Disinfectant wipes
Anything you’ll need to entertain your kids
The emergency phone number of your travel insurance
Travel insurance policy number
Emergency contact name and phone number
Healthcare provider name and phone number

How to put your mask on

Wash your hands with soap and water or rub with hand sanitizer

Secure ear loops behind your ears or tie straps behind your head and neck

Mold or punch the area around your nose so the mask is secure

Make sure it covers both your nose and your chin

Things to Remember

Be prepared for delays at the airport
Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
Keep a social distance (2-3 meters) from strangers
Some businesses may be closed
Gyms and spas may be closed
Prioritize outdoor activities
Avoid the 3 Cs: Closed spaces, crowded places and close contact
Don’t leave sick

How to wash your hands

This is not a vacation from hand-washing

Wet your hands under warm water

Apply soap

For 30 seconds, wash all areas of hand (palms, back of hand, thumbs, nails and between fingers)



Smile! You have clean hands.